Living , breathing, existing as a sentient being, in the present world as a millennial, by now you are sure to have been acquainted with the vastly chosen, prominently growing, guilt-free, cruelty-free chosen and practiced lifestyle of a vegan; commonly referred to as Veganism

For those of you, who are fresh to this fast growing culture, in a nutshell; Veganism is in its effect a mirrored practice of compassion within and among other earthly creatures. Veganism, promotes living in harmony with other sentient-beings cohabiting with us on this planet, this practice is sustained by choosing not to consume if not completely, then realistically the very least possible amount of man-made products, which would involve in the constant harming of animals, followed by harm caused to our environment through industrial manufacture, resulting in pollution of natural resources, which in return disturb our eco-system.

The homo-sapiens in Latin, translates to “Wise man” and homo-sapiens is also the scientific name given for us, human beings. This is to mean, that we’re the only living species, who are capable of using the power of logical thought, we can feel and perceive, and we as humans are capable of making decisions and taking control of the reign of the animal kingdom.
But does this power, give us the right to exploit the lives of many other innocent lives, just to feast on them? If we nominate ourselves as the superior species, how does that give us a special kind of right to invade the liberty of the other living creatures? Isn’t this type of pre-conceived and blindly embraced form of life, unreasonable, unwanted and irresponsible? If we are the superior creatures, aren’t we responsible to take the lead in taking care of animals and to protect our surroundings too? Aren’t we supposed to be more emphatic toward the suffering of the other living creatures?

Have you ever stopped to question why is it acceptable to exploit some species, while a few selected kinds are regarded as loved companions, home pets? How can we draw a line and divide in to what is rationally acceptable to what would not hold an equal right to life?

With living proof of people who have lived their lives devoid of any animal products, it has now come the dawn of the time where, it can be openly said that; we don’t need animal products to stay healthy. In fact a large number of studies shows that a balanced and varied 100% plant-based diet is ideal for optimum health.

As a beginner’s baby steps in to Veganism; choosing not to buy meats, milk and dairy products and eggs, is the best way to ensure that you’re not contributing to cruelty and that by doing so you’re becoming a voice to the voiceless.

Veganism does not only limit to the food consumed. Veganism also looks in to the attempt of rejecting all animal by-products, therefore this may have to do with rejecting to shop for clothing items made out of animal skins, and leather, or even a sheep’s wool. The making of clothing items and accessories by the use of animal skin as a material, incorporates the use of strong chemicals and inks, which are then released to the clean water streams, resulting in the pollution of an otherwise perfect environment leading to the death of many animal species surrounding such areas.

You see then, without a doubt, it is our responsibility to protect our world, we should be more compassionate regarding the life of these innocent creatures, and we could help to protect them by choosing to avoid animal products, and by attempting to limit our consumer based purchases, to products which are created with an aim to support what is produced in the light of sustainable development, and what would not contribute to our own detriment.

Choosing to follow a plant based Vegan lifestyle, and consuming eco-friendly products, we are one step closer to saving the world and living in harmony.